Solar Mounting System for PV Installers & DIY Homeowners

SOLAR PANEL MOUNTING SYSTEM Concise Designs Solar System

A new way to install solar! Our unique installation process allows assembly on the ground. Our safer AC system includes integrated pivot mount grounding. Complete instructions are provided with every system purchase. Watch as Steve demonstrates the simple steps:

Solar Panel Mounting System

RAFTER FINDER™ ConciseDesigns_solar

Never miss or split a rafter again! Our patented Rafter Finder™ is a dream tool for solar installers and roofers.

Rafter Finder on Composite Roof

Rafter Finder

Shop for solar mounting system parts and the Rafter Finder™ here!

Concise Designs Solar is a Santa Rosa, California company that has put its considerable industrial design experience to work for the benefit of do-it-yourself and licensed solar installers.

We also partner with other industrial system providers to find collaborative solar solutions.

Our system can be adapted for many uses. It’s a sleek and innovative photovoltaic solar panel mounting system that is simpler and safer to install and maintain. All of our products are manufactured in the USA, in Northern California, and made almost entirely of stainless steel. It’s an economical system carefully designed for top efficiency and durability. Read more about Concise Designs Solar »