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Made in Sonoma County, California, USAConcise Designs Inc. manufactures innovative photovoltaic panel mounting products. The difference is in the design—sleek, simple, affordable. Our systems have an aesthetically appealing profile and installation is remarkably simple and safe. Made almost entirely of stainless steel, all of our products are manufactured in Northern California, yet they cost up to 30% less than those of our competitors!

Richard Tweedie — Solar System Designer

• Industrial Designer    • Mechanical Designer
• Innovator, Inventor, Entrepreneur
• Clean Energy Advocate

Several years ago Dick Tweedie made the decision to go solar.

Richard Tweedie

Richard Tweedie

Like many of us, he recognized how the sun is a viable and ecologically favorable alternative to traditional energy sources. While the crew was installing the panels on his roof, Dick quickly saw how the tools and methods for solar panel installation were far from being optimally designed. There began Concise Designs’ innovative solar mounting system, a streamlined design that is safer, easier to install, more cost-effective, and more visually appealing than any other mounting system.

While other people have ideas for creating solar mounting systems, few are able to weave together structural integrity, electronics, aesthetics, and efficiency in production. You might not know it by looking at him but as soon as Dick starts talking, you realize you’re in the company of a fascinating and visionary inventor who has that well-honed talent.

Master Industrial Designer

View Richard Tweedie's profile on LinkedInFor Dick Tweedie, innovation is a way of life. He began by earning his degree in Industrial Design, building credentials over the years by finding solutions to “unsolvable problems.” Raychem CorporationUltimately he hung out the shingle of Concise Design in 1987, which in 2010 became the Concise Designs Inc. solar business of today.

Sumitomo ElectricThroughout his 50-year career, Dick Tweedie has engineered countless products and improved upon hundreds of manufacturing systems. His reputation as a master problem solver was solidified years ago as a mechanical engineer at Raychem Corporation in Menlo Park, California.

Loomis IndustriesHis first significant achievement for this Fortune 500 Company was redesigning an automated production system for a solder sleeve:

Before: 63 sleeves per hour
After Dick’s system reinvention: 10,000 sleeves per hour!

Maxell CorporationIt wasn’t long before Raychem stopped giving Dick assignments and instead let him have free rein at work. He only had to show up and look around to see where there was a design need and ask for a budget. He provided solution after inventive solution for Raychem and set himself apart from others in his field.

Ford AeronutronicsFortune 500 Product & Manufacturing Designer

Dick always has the big picture in mind of what is possible, and looks at products and manufacturing functions from a multidimensional perspective. In his own words: “Not only do I look at what a thing is; I look at what it could be — that’s the window of opportunity.” This is what makes him such a remarkable innovator.

Marinco Mag Media Sola Optical


Many well-respected companies have benefited from Dick’s visionary mind. His Concise Designs Inc. client list includes:

Solutions for Your Industrial Design Problem

Department of DefensePeople come to Dick when they hit a bump in the road. They know he can move their idea along, beyond impasse to success. With an eye for detail, thorough understanding of the properties of fabrication materials, and top-level engineering skills, he develops innovative solutions to any product or manufacturing design problem.

Dick Tweedie is passionate about his work and known for creating sleek and efficient solutions that are designed to the highest functional, as well as aesthetic, standards. Contact Dick for Industrial Design Services to help you find a better solution.

More About Dick Tweedie

Read more about the Concise Designs Solar CEO in an interview with Dick Tweedie, designer of RafterFinder and the Concise Designs Solar mounting system.

Dick is passionate about alternative energy in many forms. Read his letters here: