Bob & BeverlyHayward, California

"My husband and I were recently transferred to California and we were concerned about the risk of losing several items that have been passed down to us thru generations in our families since we moved to “earthquake country.” We were warned by friends to bolt our treasures to the wall.

We used the rafter finder to locate the wall studs and secured our china closet, grandfather clock, hall tree, curio cabinet, and some very heavy mirrors. He found the rafter finder to be accurate and easy to use, and we are sleeping better knowing that our prize possessions are safer in the case of a substantial earthquake.

Thank you, Concise Designs!"

WilliamRohnert Park, California

"Several years ago I had a Concise Designs Inc. solar system installed on my roof because I thought it to be the most attractive and reasonably priced system available. After the installation of the system I added window air conditioners and to my surprise my electrical usage remains at zero. I believe our installation is the most attractive in the neighborhood. All wiring is in the attic with no conduit on the roof so the wiring is not visible plus it is protected from rodent damage. 

This system uses Enphase micro inverters therefore is AC and can be turned off at the service panel making it safer for fire department to go on roof should you have a fire. The system is monitored by Enphase so you are able follow the status of your system on the internet.

I have had no problems with the Concise Design solar system and I can’t recommend it highly enough."

JaneSanta Rosa, California

"We bought the Rafter Finder for a do-it-yourself job my husband was doing on our house, and he raved about it! I was really nervous about him being up there on our roof making holes in our shingles trying to find the rafters, but this little inexpensive tool did the trick because the instructions were so easy to follow. We had looked at some others that were battery powered, but they don't work on the roof because there are so many layers of materials and nails up there. I'm relieved that he got the job done without ruining our roof."

CherylPittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Over the summer, I was involved in a total remodel and refurbish of a rental property that I own. The property's interior walls were lathe and plaster, so mounting things on the wall is always a challenge. Our contractor used the Rafter Finder tool we had purchased and it was so easy to use. Knowing for sure where the studs were located enabled him to firmly attach our new kitchen cabinets, bathroom medicine cabinet and a vanity. We got all of this work done without ending up with extra holes to patch and paint in any walls. I highly recommend the Rafter Finder."

Everett ShankHomedale, Idaho

“We installed solar panels from the crate to the rail system in 3-5 minutes per panel using Concise Designs Mounting Hardware. Beat that! It is simple and easy to use.

If my brother and I, at ages 68 and 70, can achieve this, imagine what you younger fellows can do. I have yet to see any other mounting hardware system that I would prefer to use. I recommend this mounting hardware to all PV installers.”