Lay-In Ground Lug


This product is shipped with a carriage bolt.

Let us know if you prefer a hex nut. There will be field for comments in the ordering process.

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Introducing Concise Designs’ patent pending Stainless Steel Lay-in Ground Lug

  • UL Listed per 2703.
  • Clip pre-attached to screw.
  • Partially open for easy wire insertion.
  • Reusable work hardened piercing edges.
  • Low profile 180 deg. wrapped contact.
  • Use with 8, 10, 12 or 14 Ga solid bare CU wire.
  • One handed tightening when installed with a carriage bolt. This product has been approved for use with a hex head nut. We recommend using a carriage bolt, which is in the process of being approved, with heavier gauge wire. When using lighter gauge wire a hex nut is preferable to prevent spinning while fastening.

lay in ground lug
Ideal for Solar Mounting Equipment

When used in a photovoltaic mounting system, the piercing edges of the lay-in ground lug engage the aluminum rails, penetrating the anodized exterior when tightened, further facilitating grounding of the system.

Installation procedure on solar module rail

  1. lay in ground lug with carriage boltDrill or punch .28” dia. hole for bare Cu wire.
  2. Snap wire into clip.
  3. Insert into prepared hole.
  4. Place nut or carriage bolt over screw.
  5. Torque to 80 in-lbs.
  6. Check visually for wire placement
    and tug to confirm grip.

Additional information

Weight.03 lbs
Dimensions.75 × .6825 × .6825 in

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