Solar Mounting System

Solar mounting system developed in Sonoma County California USA

Breakthrough in Solar Mounting System Design

The Concise Designs photovoltaic (PV) solar mounting system was designed by master industrial designer and clean energy advocate, Richard Tweedie, to meet the needs of both installers and homeowners.

IMPORTANT: Our installation process is different!

Our mounting system is safer and easier to install, but has a slightly different sequence and uses different materials from what most PV installers are used to.

Please review our training materials before installing a Concise Designs Solar system, to ensure that your project will be a success.

Designed for Installers & Homeowners Both

For Installers

Our state-of-the-art system is easier to install, safer, and requires less time and people on the roof.

Concise Designs’ patented underside solar mounting system is fully NEC and UL compliant. Best features:

    • Low cost
    • Safer, easier installation
    • Safer reentry
    • Suitable for ground or roof locations

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For Homeowners

Homeowners love the clean lines, low profile of our system.

    • Smaller footprint
    • Sleeker lower-profile design
    • Durable
    • Less chance of injury to installers and DIY homeowners

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Call Us for Questions!

With the recent 30% solar tax credit extension and increasing numbers of local governments implementing solar power policies for generating clean energy, solar power is on a steep trajectory to more than double in 2016 over last year’s solar projects.

See firsthand how this streamlined system is changing solar panel installation. Licensed installers, roofers and electricians, call us with any questions — we are happy to walk you through the installation process to demonstrate just how safe and easy the Concise Designs solar mounting system is!