Solar System for Homeowners

solar system for homeowners

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Homeowners love the clean design of a system using our solar mounting hardware.

30% solar tax credit

Congress recently extended the 30 percent Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar installation projects to encourage creation of clean, renewable energy sources. Whether you are on or off the grid, you can take advantage of this credit to create your own energy.

Lower cost, less risk

  • 30% less
    Concise Designs systems typically cost 30% less than other solar mounting systems.
  • Lower risk of injury
    Because installation is mostly done on the ground, with fewer workers on your roof, the risk of installer injury during your installation may be greatly reduced.

Attractive and versatile design

  • Underside mounting
    Our low-profile underside mounting conceals hardware underneath the panels so there are no unsightly clamps or dangling wires.
  • Smaller footprint
    Panels can be placed closer than other systems, making the panels less obtrusive and taking up less space. The design looks sleeker and more attractive.
  • Ground or roof
    Solar systems work well and look great on the ground or on the roof.
Ground mounted solar system

Ground mounted solar system


  • Weather and rodents
    Concise Designs mounting system stands up to weather and rodents. Our full floating Standoff allows for free expansion and contraction of rails during hot and windy weather. Cabling and wires are secured in rack channels, safe from leaves, branches, rodents and weather.
  • Theft
    The patented Secure Lock makes the panel tamper resistant. A tamper-proof set screw thwarts unintended removal of panels.
  • Stainless steel
    Other than the aluminum rails, which can be obtained from multiple sources, all parts of Concise Designs system are stainless steel and manufactured in Northern California. This ensures your system will last for years.

Safe and easy installation

  • Safest system to install
    Safer to install than any other competitive photovoltaic mounting system available, our unique underside mounting and Living Ground™ increases installer safety
  • Easy assembly
    The pre-assembled mounting system is easy to put together and modules are assembled on the ground. Panels are simply snapped into place. Installation takes less than five minutes per panel!

Help for DIY Home Installers

If you’re thinking about installing your own home solar system, take a look at our blog post First Steps for a DIY Home Solar System to help you get started.

Or if you’d prefer to have a product installed on your roof that has all of the features listed above, call us!

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