Solar Mounting System for PV Installers

solar mounting system for installers

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Looking for a top quality solar mounting system for PV installers?

The Concise Designs solar mounting system for PV installers is perfect for licensed solar installers, roofers and electricians who want to offer their customers a well-made, competitive PV system that is super functional, looks sharp and is made to last.

Safer installation and re-entry

Our system is safer to install than any other competitive photovoltaic mounting system available.

  • Underside mounting
    The unique underside mounting system increases installer safety. System modules are assembled on the ground so you spend less time and need fewer workers on the roof.
  • Maintains ground during re-entry
    Our patented Pivot Mount system provides a Living Ground™, meeting the NEC safety requirements and eliminating the need for a separate ground wire. This is a fully tested and UL listed grounding system that meets the “first to make, last to break” NEC requirement. Stainless steel teeth maintain contact with the aluminum rack so you’re able to lift the panels and make adjustments, while maintaining ground at all times. For safer re-entry, our patented Living Ground pivot mount hardware remains grounded unless completely removed from the racking. When the panel is lifted, the pivot mount remains in its channel, remaining grounded.
  • Easy grounding
    It’s easy to quickly ground solar arrays with our UL certified Ground Lugs. These lugs fasten into the rails and penetrate the anodized exterior when tightened down, making grounding safe and sure.

Quicker and easier installation

  • Work on the ground
    Half of the work is done on the ground. One person on the ground hands the panel up to the person on the roof who locks it into the rail. It’s that quick and simple.
  • Find rafters reliably
    rafter and stud finder

    Patented Rafter Finder™

    Our patented Rafter Finder™ lets you quickly pinpoint the edge of a rafter within 1/16th of an inch.

  • Snap panels into place
    Accurately and quickly align panels with pre-assembled hardware pivot mounted into the rails — our innovative Place and Lock™ system. Installation takes less than five minutes per panel.
  • Easy height adjustment
    Adjust height easily with our special full floating Standoff device.
  • Standard or micro-inverters
    Connect up the panels to each other with either standard or micro-inverters.

Lower cost

  • 30% less
    Our system generally costs about 30% less than other solar racking systems. And because installation is mostly done on the ground, workers’ compensation costs may be reduced.

Attractive and versatile design

  • Underside mounting
    Our low-profile underside mounting conceals hardware underneath the panels so there are no unsightly clamps or dangling wires.
  • Smaller footprint
    Panels can be placed closer than other systems, making the panels less obtrusive and taking up less space. The design looks sleeker and more attractive.
  • Ground or roof
    Solar systems are suitable for both ground and roof arrays.


  • Weather and rodents
    Concise Designs mounting system stands up to weather and rodents. Our full floating Standoff allows for free expansion and contraction of rails during hot and windy weather. Cabling and wires are secured in rack channels, safe from leaves, branches, rodents and weather.
  • Theft
    The patented Secure Lock makes the panel tamper resistant. A tamper-proof set screw thwarts unintended removal of panels.
  • Stainless steel
    Other than the aluminum rails, all parts of Concise Designs system are stainless steel and manufactured in Northern California. This ensures your system will last for years.

Solar Installers, Roofers and Electricians

IMPORTANT: Our installation process is different!

Our mounting system is safer and easier to install, but has a slightly different sequence and uses different materials from what most PV installers are used to.

Please review our training materials before installing a Concise Designs Solar system, to ensure that your project will be a success.

Set yourself apart from your competition!

If you are a licensed installer, roofer or electrician in the San Francisco Bay Area, we would be happy to demonstrate the installation process in person. Learn firsthand just why Concise Designs solar mounting systems are changing PV installation.

Call us for a walkthrough of the install process or review our training materials.

Learn why our system is the best solar mounting system for your customers, too.