Solar Panel Mounting Hardware

Concise Designs’ patented solar panel mounting system was designed for licensed installers and DIY homeowner installers. Our system requires pre-assembly of hardware on the ground, and fewer people on the roof. This makes installation safer for whoever does the install, and can cut Workman’s Compensation rates for PV installation companies.

Full Floating Standoff

Full Floating Standoff

Full Floating Solar Mounting Standoff

The patented full floating standoff is a unique sliding capture device that allows free expansion and contraction of the panel mounting rails without affecting the standoffs, a major cause of leaks.

Standoffs are preset for easy initial height, then a standard wrench is used on the welded nut for precise height adjustment. Once set, the serrated range nut is tightened to lock in the height.

Integrated Solar Array Grounding

Pivot mounts engage the lower rail with SS knife edges that rotate on the inner corner of the lower rail for a dynamic grounded hinge, providing ease of reentry while maintaining ground.

pivot mount

Pivot Mount

Secure-locks engage the upper rail with tamper resistant SS set screws.

secure lock

Secure Lock

rafter and stud finder

Rafter Finder

Rafter Finder™

Pinpoint your rafter location with our patented Rafter Finder™.

This easy-to-use tool locates the rafter edge with an accuracy of ± 1/16 inch, reducing exploratory holes.

Installation Instructions

See our simple installation steps here: How to Install.